Rice Field Morning Walk

Last week, we managed to visit our parents who live in Singaraja. My mother in law lives on the suburb of the town, meanwhile my parents live in the center of the town. Finally, we could do our morning walk on the rice field terrace which has view overlooking the Singaraja town and the Bali’s North ocean, after being delayed for sometimes! Wasn’t it wonderful?

On the normal occasion, we visit both of our parents at least once in a month, or sometimes twice a week, and sometimes we’ll treat ourselves to a private villa and spa but today we just went to the rice fields.

Singaraja is located up North of the island, it was the capital city of Sunda Kecil Province in 50’s before then the capital city moved to Denpasar, Southern part of Bali. I have several story that happen in Singaraja like when my brother’s wedding story or my nephew 3 months blessing ceremony that you may like to read.

Bit is an adventurous by nature. He likes mountain, beach, and he is excited to see someone camping by the hilltop. He also sometimes imitates farmer while planting the rice seeds! Lol. Papa B’s house is surrounded by rice field and also clove orchards. So the chances for him to hone the nature is on his plate since he was born.

This time, the morning walk on the rice field is a little bit different, because Bim was coming along with us. Since the rice field just nearby our house, we walked there only wearing flip flops (and I took off mine since I went into the mud pathway!).

The short adventure was not disappointing. The view of the rice field is actually overlooking the town and far behind is the ocean. Like me, Bit was also felt on to the mud for several times, but he was so excited and keep walking, meanwhile Bim was carried by Daddy-got cranky for a while wanting to walk on the rice field, and I was busy taking pictures. We met some old farmers who acknowledged Papa’s B (Papa’s B was around the corner until his 16th and then move to Jakarta).

Since the morning walk on the rice field that we had was short one, here some notes that you need to note if you plan to do the same:

1. Wear your jeans or at least legging or jegging to avoid the grass scratch your leg. You may not feel it but after shower you find it hot. (aaah ahh…)

2. Bare foot (if you dare) or just wear your mountain sandals, or flip flops that holds your from slip. You may went into the mud, but enjoy it!

3. Carry drinking water.

4. Hats on.

5. Apply mosquito repellent before going, and apply cajuput oil or minyak telon after come back.

6. Smile to the local people and talk to them.

7. Don’t trash litter.