Rice Field Morning Walk

Last week, we managed to visit our parents who live in Singaraja. My mother in law lives on the suburb of the town, meanwhile my parents live in the center of the town. Finally, we could do our morning walk on the rice field terrace which has view overlooking the Singaraja town and the Bali’s North ocean, after being delayed for sometimes! Wasn’t it wonderful?

On the normal occasion, we visit both of our parents at least once in a month, or sometimes twice a week, and sometimes we’ll treat ourselves to a private villa and spa but today we just went to the rice fields.

Singaraja is located up North of the island, it was the capital city of Sunda Kecil Province in 50’s before then the capital city moved to Denpasar, Southern part of Bali. I have several story that happen in Singaraja like when my brother’s wedding story or my nephew 3 months blessing ceremony that you may like to read.

Bit is an adventurous by nature. He likes mountain, beach, and he is excited to see someone camping by the hilltop. He also sometimes imitates farmer while planting the rice seeds! Lol. Papa B’s house is surrounded by rice field and also clove orchards. So the chances for him to hone the nature is on his plate since he was born.

This time, the morning walk on the rice field is a little bit different, because Bim was coming along with us. Since the rice field just nearby our house, we walked there only wearing flip flops (and I took off mine since I went into the mud pathway!).

The short adventure was not disappointing. The view of the rice field is actually overlooking the town and far behind is the ocean. Like me, Bit was also felt on to the mud for several times, but he was so excited and keep walking, meanwhile Bim was carried by Daddy-got cranky for a while wanting to walk on the rice field, and I was busy taking pictures. We met some old farmers who acknowledged Papa’s B (Papa’s B was around the corner until his 16th and then move to Jakarta).

Since the morning walk on the rice field that we had was short one, here some notes that you need to note if you plan to do the same:

1. Wear your jeans or at least legging or jegging to avoid the grass scratch your leg. You may not feel it but after shower you find it hot. (aaah ahh…)

2. Bare foot (if you dare) or just wear your mountain sandals, or flip flops that holds your from slip. You may went into the mud, but enjoy it!

3. Carry drinking water.

4. Hats on.

5. Apply mosquito repellent before going, and apply cajuput oil or minyak telon after come back.

6. Smile to the local people and talk to them.

7. Don’t trash litter.

A Social Twist on the Humble Press Release

A social media news release is just like a traditional press release, except it is also social media and Web 2.0 optimized. In short, this type of news release encourages interactivity, is easily shared in the social Web and contains other Web 2.0 elements.

Generally, these elements include:

  • Multimedia items such as downloadable images, audio/video files or PDF/DOC files.
  • A way for readers to comment directly on the news release content.
  • An obvious and easy way for readers to bookmark the news release in social bookmarking sites or to share it via email.
  • Technorati tags and links to purpose-built del.icio.us pages.

If you or your business produce online or email press releases on a regular basis, you should be using, and therefore benefiting from social media news releases. Like everything else on the Internet today, there is an expectation that content will be interactive, easily shared, and will offer sources to similar information. If your news releases do not live up to these expectations, it may hurt your chances for major media coverage.

We spoke to Libby Martin who runs one of the top creative agencies in the UK and she told us that she now uses these kind of social media news releases as one of the first things her agency does for every new client. She said that they are much more powerful than regular press releases and have the ability to drive much more traffic.

It’s easy to create your own social media releases, or you can use a service like PRWeb. And, since a social media news release is just a traditional release with added elements, you do not need to change your present format, just include some additional sections.

These added elements include:

Multimedia section

Here you will offer a number of downloadable items, including PDF or Word documents (book excerpts, advanced reviews, white papers, brochures, etc.) and images (author photos, company executive photos, book cover art, company logos). Also provide any relevant podcasts and video clips in this section.

Technorati tag section

Use this section to list links to Technorati pages that are tagged with a list of key terms relevant to your release.

Social bookmarking section

In this section, provide links to any of your relevant del.icio.us pages. Here you could also provide links to relevant pages on Digg.com or any other social bookmarking or crowd-sourced news site.

Sharing and commenting

In addition to the above sections, you should also make it easy for your readers to share or bookmark your release in any number of ways. Allowing visitors to comment on your news release makes it truly interactive.

Social media section

If you don’t have a social media newsroom to refer readers to, you should consider adding a section to your news release that lists where you have a presence in the social Web. Link to your profiles in places like MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

Herbal Remedies for Effective Skin Care

When it comes to herbal remedies, you may think that they are nothing but old wives’ tales. However, many pharmaceutical companies spend literally millions of dollars researching these types of remedies because of one simple fact: they work.

A picture of a face of a beautiful woman posing with a cucumber over white background

If you read the ingredients on many of the highest-end skincare products, you will find that they include a wide variety of botanical products and by-products. These ingredients are the key to getting the results that you want from your skincare regimen – whether you invest in skincare products or you prefer to make your own.

In order to get the most benefit from herbal remedies for skin care, you need to understand what different herbal components are for. Because herbal remedies are often considered somewhat “mysterious” and may be based more on folklore than actual research, some unscrupulous skincare product manufacturers may simply call their products “herbal” or “all natural” and rely on those descriptions to keep people from asking too many questions about what is actually in these items.

Using the wrong herbal remedies (or products that are not actually based on successful and tested herbal remedies) may result in little or no positive effects from your herbal skincare approach. Understanding what results different herbs will get is key to getting good, fast results from herbal skincare.


If you need moisture, then aloe is probably the most common herbal solution. Aloe is so commonly used in lotions and creams that many people do not even think of it as an herbal remedy. It also soothes skin, which makes it a popular solution for people who have sunburn or who have inflamed or sensitive skin issues. In addition to aloe, witch hazel and lavender are also soothing, moisturizing herbal remedies for your skin.


When products claim to revitalize your skin, that means that they tone, brighten, smooth or soothe. These products are popular as toners, facial spritzers and refreshers. They may be creams or thinner liquids, and they usually are not bright colors that require a lot of artificial dyes.

Peppermint is a great revitalizer. It also helps with breakouts by drying up the inflammations. Other mints, green tea and sweet, sharp herbs also are common in revitalizing products.  You may also find glycolic acid in some revitalizers. Glycolic acids are from fruit, and they encourage the skin to absorb moisture and slough off dead cells. They brighten and renew skin.

Many manufacturers also include “phytochemicals” in their ingredients lists. These are plant derivatives that use plant hormones and other plant components to encourage skin to brighten and heal itself. The chemicals that cause plants to grow also can encourage your skin (or hair, depending on the product!) to grow more new skin cells and eliminate old, dead cells.


Anti-aging herbal remedies are probably the most common because anti-aging is a primary focus for skincare. Generally, anti-aging herbal remedies are good moisturizers, smoothers, soothers and revitalizers all in one. This is because you need all of these things in order to keep your skin acting and looking young. Chamomile, rose extracts and lavender are all popular anti-aging remedies. Rose creams and milk-based herbal lotions are common and effective.

Anti-aging herbal remedies rely on the ability to keep skin healthy to prevent signs of aging. However, you may also find that herbal remedies designed to prevent signs of aging tout their anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidants prevent free radicals from attacking your skin cells and causing wrinkles, tears and even skin cancer.

They help your skin “think” that it is younger and behave in a younger manner by holding more moisture, fighting off environmental weathering and restoring itself on a regular, natural basis. However, anti-oxidants tend to not actually come from herbal remedies, but rather from fruits or even nuts like walnuts, although there are some herbal extracts that also create anti-oxidant action. Check the ingredients of any anti-aging herbal remedies for skincare that promise anti-oxidant action to see where the anti-oxidants come from and make sure it is a natural source.

In conclusion, you can make your own herbal remedies for skin care or you can purchase them from a store. It all depends on how comfortable you are with making your own cosmetics and skincare products. If you prefer to purchase herbal remedies, then check out the ingredients lists to make sure that you are going to get the results that you want.